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The Final Step to Achieve Lead Generation

So you’ve set up all of your social media accounts, including your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps your blog.  You’re being proactive, trying to expand your network by connecting to your colleagues and clients.  You’ve been posting trending real estate news stories and attempting to engage your audience.  So what’s next?  

The last and the most important step to achieving marketing success through lead generation is your ‘Call-to-Action’.  After all, after spending hours setting up all of your accounts and attempting to find interesting content, you want to motivate your visitors to act.  A Call to Action may entice a visitor to find out more about a potential free consultation or home evaluation, and get them to click on a button or image so that they can be redirected to what is called a “Landing Page”.  On this Landing Page (which may be a page on your website), they may get more information about the services that you are offering, and for a visitor who is further along in their purchasing or selling decision, they may decide to contact you for more information.  Tada! – you have a lead.

To read more about various lead generation opportunities, you can read the full article titled 17 Silly Missed Lead Generation Opportunities by Pamela Vaughan by clicking here.

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