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TRESA Training

In this new seminar, Mark Weisleder, LLB., REI, teaches what you need to know about
the major changes coming under the new Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2002.
The objectives of this course are to understand:

a) The major differences between a client and a self-represented person
b) The changes coming to bidding wars;
c) New rules of Disclosure; and
d) The new Discipline Process

By the end of this session you will:

- Learn what the new RECO information guide is all about and what is required
before you sign any agreement or provide any assistance to anyone

- Understand the differences between a customer under REBBA and a self-
represented person under TRESA

- Learn what kind of assistance you may still be able to provide a self-
represented person

- Understand the changes coming to bidding wars, and what options a seller
will have about disclosing the highest price and other terms to other buyers
- Learn the rules of disclosure when acting for a seller client and what you may
have to disclose to any buyer
- Understand different types of buyer representation agreements, that may
offer a reduced level of services, similar to a posting service offered to a seller
- Learn about the new powers of the RECO Discipline Committee and what
remedies they will have to fine, suspend or even revoke a license
- Understand the new concept of Designated Agency, and how this could be
another option when your brokerage is in multiple representation

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